Blast from the past

Norm Geras, Marxist supporter of the war on Iraq and one of the more mendacious and hypocritical commentators on The Left, back in the heady days of July 2003:

Tomorrow I’ll be posting, and posting long, on the predominant left and liberal response to the war in Iraq.

Meanwhile here is an example of the genre by Gary Younge. Money quote: ‘Neither [Bush nor Blair] has a clue how to rebuild the country they have just destroyed’.

That’s the country, note, not the regime.

Yeah... that stupid Gary Younge and his statement that Bush and Blair had no clue what they were doing and had completely fucked up Iraq - what the hell was he thinking? Not like the serious, True Leftist, humanist Norman Geras.

And Geras' link to James Lileks - priceless. What a fucking git.

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