So was it about oil?

Of course it was - you're not still doubting that, are you?

A draft of a new law on oil is supposed to the Iraqi cabinet this week. Few details are available but according to some flak in the government, this proposed legislation will "achieve the highest benefit for Iraqis". Let's not make any bets about how high the benefit will be for the oil companies.

This article, and most of the others on the wires right now, are pretty lightweight. For background, here are two investigative articles published over the past week:

But let's not simplify things: it wasn't all about oil. Even among the "shifting sands" of a "desert country" like "Mesopotamia", to adopt some of the condescending bullshit terms media types love to apply to Iraq, there are other forms of wealth besides oil - and some special concerns have become familiar with them.

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