The Democrats have gotten to a point where a loss is seen as a victory. I could go on about how sad a thing this is, but I won't, because it isn't. The Democrats delight in screwing over ordinary working Americans (and let's not even talk about ordinary working non-Americans) - witness the recent bankruptcy legislation, the ongoing refusal to demand a troop withdrawal from Iraq, the toying with the quasi-fascist right-wing concerning abortion rights, the incapacity to seriously challenge the Bush administrations about anything at all, etc. etc. - and then expect them to salute even when they lose. And these are not things that can shoved off onto Joe Lieberman and the rest of the dickheads in the DLC. There is a systemic flaw in the Democratic party.

The Democrats are obsolete as a political force. When they go the way of the Whigs, things might look up for progressive Americans and the rest of the world as a whole.

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