Journalistic force

Good old Doug Jehl at the New York Times - whenever his byline shows up, you can be sure that hilarious mediocrity is not too far behind.

In his latest offering, Dougie examines the problems John "Anger Management" Bolton is having in his Senate committee hearings:

Senator Lincoln Chafee, the Rhode Island Republican who had earlier said he was inclined to support Mr. Bolton, said Wednesday that he wanted to consult with his colleagues in the wake of the stormy meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday at which Democrats forced the postponement of a vote until next month.

So, according to Dougie, "the Democrats" forced the committee to delay its vote on wingnut Bolton's nomination. It's too bad that he didn't note how impressive that feat was, considering that the Democrats have only 8 people on the committee, while the Republicans have 10.

But this mystery is cleared up a few lines later:

Senator George V. Voinovich, Republican of Ohio, sided Tuesday with the Democrats, forcing the panel's chairman, Senator Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, to put off a vote.

So, as it turns out, it was Voinovich, and not The Democrats, who "forced" the vote on Bible Boy to be put off. Voinovich... The Democrats... it gets all confused in the synergy of Washington journalism. Or perhaps Jehl is attempting to imply something more sinister: maybe the Democrats "forced" Voinovich to side with them, producing a scenario by which Voinovich served as the nominal "forcer" of this delay, while the Democrats, ultimately, were the real "force" behind the "forced" postponement.

In any event, reports of psyocopathic behavior weren't bothering Bush, who was was fully backing Dolton:

"Take John Bolton, the good man I nominated to represent our country at the United Nations," Mr. Bush said. ... "I urge the Senate to put politics aside and confirm John Bolton to the United Nations."

Uhh, dude... you are aware that the Senate is absolutely full of "politicians", right? And that "politicians" do "politics"? And that if Senators, being "politicians", "put politics aside", they won't be doing their jobs?

It is truly terrible that "politics" has to get in the way of a psycopath's confirmation. What is America coming to?

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