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Has Robert Novak always been this much of a jackass?

Republicans, weak and disorganized, were ground down by the Democratic juggernaut. Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio was so impressed by Democratic demagoguery that he impulsively dropped his support of Bolton, ending the narrow 10-8 committee tally for sending the nomination to the Senate floor.

Awful, simply awful. "Juggernaut"... "demagoguery"... "impulsively" - Novak sounds like an eighth-grader forced to write an essay incorporating this week's vocabulary words. Who cares if it makes any kind of sense, as long as it's grammatically correct.

Then there's this:

The only new element in Dodd's case against Bolton was the claim by Melody Townsel (self-described as a "vocal" outspoken Democrat) that she was mistreated by Bolton in a 1994 dispute in Moscow when Bolton worked in the private sector. Her claims were buttressed by Washington consultant Kirby Jones, and here again the Cuban connection emerges. Jones is described by Newsweek as having "better contacts in Cuba than any other American" and by the New York Times as "the man to see about business in Cuba."

A person claims she was subjected to psychotic behavior by a guy who wants to be UN ambassador - and this is merely a "new element" in the mix? Shit - it's a good thing Bolton didn't stick an ax in someone's head, because then Novak might have to somehow work around a "minor incident" or maybe, going back to the grade-school vocabulary, an "episodic outburst". And is Novak trying to imply that all the fuss about Bolton is simply about Cuba? Maybe Fidel is secretly transmitting instructions to his dupes in the Senate.

Or maybe Novak has simply been a hack all along.

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