US loses $9 billion in Iraq money

The US occupation authority has lost nearly $9 billion in Iraqi money. The reasons given by the US governmental auditor for this large loss of money were lack of oversight leading to corruption.

Have the guardians of financial responsibility complaining about the UN's "oil-for-food" scandal begun calling for heads on this one?

Imperial viceroy and "Medal of Freedom" recipient "Jerry-Boy" Bremer was quick to defend his financial savvy and handling of the situation:

"The draft report assumes that Western-style budgeting and accounting procedures could be immediately and fully implemented in the midst of war," said Bremer in a written reply to auditors when he received the first draft.

Dude... it's $9 billion dollars. The only way that much money can disappear is if we're using something like Enron-style "budgeting and accounting procedures". And besides, what war? Didn't Bush tell us "mission accomplished" before Bremer started doling out money?

What's on the march? Freedom - freedom to be incompetent and then blame others for it.

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