Pope beatifies Karl I, Austrian kaiser and user of poison gas

So the pope has now beatified Karl I, the last kaiser of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Speaking of this saintly guy, the pope said he hoped that the emperor would "serve as an example, especially for those with political responsibilities in Europe today."

Wonder which leader he has in mind to follow these examples of Karl's behavior:

... critics claim that Karl I was an alcoholic adulterer who advocated the use of poison gas in the First World War.
Others accuse him of causing dozens of deaths in street fights during two attempts to regain power by force after the abolition of the monarchy.

What would Jesus do, indeed. But it gets better:

But the Vatican insists that he performed a miracle - the requirement for beatification. In 1960 a Polish nun based in Brazil was cured of severe leg sores and varicose veins after praying to him.

No wonder the BBC canceled that show with the pope - self-parody like this is hard to beat.

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