Leaked documents: Blair was warned of Iraq chaos

New leaked documents show that Tony Blair was warned a year before the War of Bush Aggression that a post-war Iraq risked new military dictatorships and that British soldiers would be trapped in Iraq for a long time, according to the Observer.

Even his own foreign policy adviser, Sir David Manning, concluded in a private note that President Bush had no answer to the big questions about the invasion - including 'what happens on the morning after?'

As always, though, Blair had a "plan":

"The idea that we did not have a plan for afterwards is simply not correct," he said. "We did and we have unfolded that plan, but there are people in Iraq who were determined to stop us."

We see that Blair did have a "plan" for the post-war Iraq, and that this "plan" has, in fact, been implemented, but also that, unfortunately, this "plan" did not take into account the idea that "people" might have objected to it and worked to stop it.

I like making these kinds of "plans", too: my "plan" for the next year, for example, is that Ed McMahon delivers that $10 million to my house, I win the presidency of the United States through an incredible write-in campaign, also organized by "people", and little elves appear to dance delightfully around and take care of my every desire.

Tony, if you need another strategic planner, I'm ready.

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