Kimmitt the clog
The sooner we get every person in this country understanding their responsibility to provide us intelligence on those people in their neighborhoods who they believe to be participating in these attacks,'' the sooner they will stop, Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said Friday. ''We need to get that intelligence from them so we can pre-empt these attacks before they happen.
This man is running a 40-watt bulb, if that. What he is too daft to understand is that the Iraqis know damn well that the US wants them to turn in the insurgents. Its not a language barrier thing. The US military has tried to help Iraqis understand their "duty" to inform. Well, those efforts didn't really work, so then the US came up with some different ideas and REALLY tried helping the Iraqis understand their "duty" to inform. The fact that Iraqis still aren't providing this intelligence indicates one thing very clearly: they SUPPORT the attacks.

Also interesting to note, what great things the Americans had in mind for the little snitchy snitch who gave up Saddam's kids. So, even if Iraqis were inclined to rat out the insurgents, they know that a kid who rats on another kid is a dead kid. And so is his brother.

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