Brooks on NewsHour

Did anyone else catch David Brooks' performance on the PBS NewsHour? A classic of unintentional comedy - the guy couldn't put together more than 3 words on the situation in Iraq without sputtering about the "brownshirts" and "Nazis" currently running around in Iraq. The best part, though, was when Brooks suggested that Sadr was looking to lead a "beer-hall putsch" against the "established Shia leadership".

A Shia religious leader storming out of an Iraq "beer hall" and heading groups of "brownshirts" to depose the Weimar established Shia leadership? I think Brooks forgot the part where Napoleon rides up on his horse at the head of Garibaldi's Thousands and tries to conquer Fallujah and put down this rebellion, but is defeated by a bunch of Texans under the leadership of George Washington at a place called the Alamo.

Brooks is what happens when third-rate books fall into the hands of fourth-rate minds.

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