Friedman and the case of the vanishing American intelligence

Can someone please convince the management of the New York Times to fire Thomas Friedman? Friedman has had some really stupid columns over the years, but this one has to rank right up there near the top, perhaps just one step behind his "France-is-the-enemy-of-the-US" crapfest a while back.

Can we please drop the "appeasement" bullshit act? We're not in the 1930s and the "terrorists" aren't coming from Nazi Germany. Pulling a few Churchill quotes out of your ass doesn't make you look intelligent - it makes you look like a jackass for having such a silly view of history.

No one in Spain wanted their soldiers to go and fight in Iraq in the first place and no one ever got around to liking it. So-called lovers of democracy should, in fact, be applauding the Socialist party's victory in Spain: Spanish voters got rid of an autocrat who ignored overwhelming and strong popular opinion against this war and whose party still has not a few Franco-era fascists. This is a victory for democracy.

But when people like Friedman have a point to make, what use is something like history - either a few months ago or a few decades?

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