A bloodbath: 56 dead, over 200 wounded in Arbil attacks

Two suicide bombers killed 56 people and wounded over 200 at the offices of the PUK and KDP in Arbil.

Can we all agree that things are a little fucked up in Iraq?

"They're...not about Islam, they're not about Muslims, they're about their own fanatical view of the world and they will kill to try to advance it," [U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz] told reporters. "But we are winning and they are losing."
There will never be a time, in the fantasy world that people like Wolfie and Bush live in, where "we" are not "winning". Normally, this isn't such a big deal - people holding beliefs of infallibility, invincibility, etc. are usually locked away for their own good for a while. But when delusional types are running the world's superpower, that's not so good.

Peter Galbraith's analysis in the article is probably correct - the bombings (and all of the other violence) will probably have the effect of promoting Kurdish separatism from the rest of Iraq. Turkey certainly would not like that, and it seems increasingly apparent that the US wouldn't either. Keeping Turkey out of the picture would seem to be a US priority. So there may be a showdown coming between the Kurdish parties and the US occupational force.

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