No shame

The next $1.2 billion Iraq reconstruction contract goes to (CUE drumroll)... Halliburton! How did that happen? Surprise winner of the year.

The newest award comes at the same time questions are being raised about alleged overcharging by Halliburton in connection with its Iraq operations. I wonder how far this criminal probe will go - if there is even a criminal probe at all, that is. You just can't seem to get a straight answer about investigations these days.

Also: Iraq's $500 billion blue-light special:
I mention to one delegate that fear seems to be dampening the capitalist spirit. "The best time to invest is when there is still blood on the ground," he assures me.

"Will you be going to Iraq?" I ask.

"Me? No, I couldn't do that to my family."
I suppose that chickenhawk capitalists recognize well enough that there's not much profit in coming back to the US in a bodybag.

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