I'm O-Kay, you're O-Kay (Iraq is not O-Kay); and "Being Colin Powell"

So, Kay went public with his opinion that Iraq never had WMD. I wonder if the White House will go after his wife, too.

But at least it looks like they've improved the communications skills in the Bush administration: negative findings about WMD aren't simply getting lost in the "bowels" of the CIA anymore:
Mr Powell acknowledged that the US thought Saddam Hussein had banned weapons, but added: "We had questions that needed to be answered."
Hmmm... so many questions and so many countries.

Moving on, does anyone else think that the US ought to invade Fiji? You never hear about Fiji in the news - is it because it has something to hide? Sure, it's a tiny, apparently harmless country - but that is the exact point. Small countries might be tempted to turn to less-than-scrupulous associates to threaten the US and its friends and allies. If we allow Fiji to finish developing its super-radiation-focusing-mega-death-ray laser, and then it shares this weapon with the Al Qaeda Network, it might be a threat to all of Western civilization. We cannot wait for the smoking gun that might come in the form of a bright flourescent orange halo over our cities.

Of course, there's no proof at all that Fiji has a super-radiation-focusing-mega-death-ray laser, or even super-radiation-focusing-mega-death-ray laser- related program activities - but, as Rummy has taught us, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. The US should invade, just to make sure and answer any questions it has about this possible program.

Be afraid, Fiji. Be very afraid.

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