The dim memory of Sen. Pat Roberts

When your lie begins to unravel, a good strategy is always to pretend as if history doesn't exist:
The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Sunday that his panel is investigating the prewar data. But Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas told CNN's "Late Edition" that if Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction, "why on Earth didn't he let the U.N. inspectors in and avoid the war?"
To its credit, the LA Times decided to dig way, way back in the musty archives to provide a little context for Roberts' puzzled query:
Hussein did allow U.N. inspectors into Iraq in November 2002 as momentum for war built, and they conducted nearly 600 inspections of about 350 sites. The inspectors made no significant discoveries of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons programs, although there were unresolved questions.
A better question is, why on Earth doesn't Pat Roberts remember what happened only a year and a half ago?

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