British official: Attacks in Iraq to escalate

Jeremy Greenstock, Britain's version of "Jerry" Bremer in Iraq, warns of increased attacks against the US and UK in Iraq:
Britain's top envoy to Iraq last night admitted that the Iraqi resistance was getting "more sophisticated" in its attacks and predicted even "bigger" attacks in future against coalition forces.

Speaking in Basra before meeting Tony Blair, Sir Jeremy Greenstock said he believed fighters loyal to Saddam Hussein were responsible for up to 80% of recent attacks in Iraq, with foreign Islamist militants carrying out the rest.

"The opposition is getting more sophisticated, using bigger bombs and more sophisticated controls. We will go on seeing bigger bangs," Sir Jeremy said.
Greenstock's statements, while probably accurate enough, should be seen as an element of the logic of the fantasy world that Bush and Blair have contructed to describe the situation in Iraq.

Capturing Saddam, we were told, would be the key that would break the back of the resistance, end the attacks, and bring peace and democracy to Iraq. But, at the same time, we were warned that capturing Saddam would strengthen the resistance, lead to an increase in attacks, and delay peace and democracy in Iraq.

In other words, no matter what actually happens, it is impossible for the American and British leadership to ever be wrong concerning Iraq.

Similarly, according to Greenstock and other US-UK officials, the guerillas should still be described as "Saddam loyalists" - that is, they are fighting as an expression of loyalty to a ex-dictator who has been captured, who is being held by US forces with no chance of escape, and who will probably be hanging at the end of a very short rope very soon. Saddam is doomed, and yet these "dead-enders" keep fighting - with such utterly inscrutable opponents in Iraq, is it any wonder why peace and democracy seem so elusive there? More confirmation that the guerillas' only motivations are blind, unthinking hatred of the US - and swarthy, moustachioed strong-men.

In my opinion, the lines about Saddam and his influence of the resistance and the guerillas' description as "Saddam loyalists" were merely propaganda aimed at the domestic audience. But it may be that the US-UK leadership has started to believe their own bullshit. This (and the fact that we have leaders who are always right) does not inspire confidence in the future.

Meanwhile, US soldiers have reportedly arrested a senior official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Kirkuk.

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