What "relative calm"?

According to EI, during the period of "relative calm" recently broken by the suicide bombing in Petah Tikva, 117 Palestinians - including 23 children - were killed, hundreds were injured, and nearly 500 homes were demolished.

What "relative calm"? Only if you happened not to be Palestinian.

I wonder if the puerile minds responsible for pushing such a dishonest and hypocritical phrase would describe as "relative calm" a day-to-day existence in which they had to watch their own children be cut down and blown up by foreign occupation soldiers and their own houses - their lives' works - ground into dust and chunks of concrete.

But, as these "journalists" are white Westerners, comfortably producing drivel for an equally comfortable white Western audience, I don't suppose there will be much opportunity for these defenders of truth to ever experience the joys and pleasures offered by the "relative calm".

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