Disruption of service

I'm going to be away for a week or so. So, for the two readers of this site (and any poor, unfortunate soul who has come along by chance), please patronize some of the other fine commentators to your right.

In the meantime:

Read Matt Taibbi's column:
The threat that the Grahams of the world pose isn't merely that they are cynical hucksters who steal money and influence from the spiritually desperate. It's that they preach servility and unworthiness. People who buy into what they preach are unable, as Bertrand Russell put it, to "stare the world frankly in the face." Our country is as stupid as it is because so many of its citizens are afraid to look at it.
Mark your calendars for the Kean report:
The head of an independent commission investigating the September 11 attacks yesterday said that they could and should have been prevented, and that the officials responsible for the failure should be fired.

His full report is not due to be published before May, but the comments by the commission's chairman, Thomas Kean, suggest its conclusions are likely to be politically explosive.
Expect crappier mass media service and an increasing stranglehold by far-rightists over information sources:
"News Corporation has a history of taking significant risks and introducing new and innovative media services," FCC Chairman Michael Powell said. "Enhanced competition will increase pressure to improve service and lower prices for both cable and satellite television subscribers."
Right - the jackass who owns Fox is now taking over a major satellite TV provider, and this is supposed to represent "enhanced competition"? Only a mental midget - or someone who thinks that manipulation of the public and flat-out lies are great things - would ever say that Faux was an "innovative" media service.

And remember - it's not a wall they're building in Palestine:

(Reuters photo)

They never built a "wall" in Berlin, either. It was an "Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart" there. Funny how inventing a nice-sounding name can't change the reality of things.

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