Caveat Emptor

Dont believe everything you read.

The story about the 46 dead fighters sounds like great news for the "coalition", such great news that the US didn't bother to verify any of the claims. The US is trying to fight a propaganda war here, and doing a piss poor job. Its not that your stories cant turn out to be bullshit in a propaganda war, but they cant be debunked the next day.

The only people who still think the US defeated anyone in Samarra are people watching Fox news. An important thing to look for is how the battles end, for what the scene is afterward. If you want to know what happened, ask the people picking up the pieces the next day. If the battle ended with the US turning tail and evacuating their convoys (which most do), and if the US is nowhere to be seen the next day when it should be doing an investigation, its a safe bet the military has no idea what the hell happened. This also underscores the fact that the US military is largely cloistered in its bases and does not venture out for security reasons.

I'm also confused as to how the Iraqis are targetting convoys using mortars. But maybe its just me.

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