UN: Only 11% of Apartheid Wall follows Green Line

According to a preliminary UN study, only 11% of Israel's Apartheid Wall follows the Green Line. The other 89% cuts deeply into the West Bank, up to 22 km in some places.

The report also states that the Apartheid Wall will disrupt the lives of 680,000 Palestinians and chop off 15% of the West Bank.

It must be stressed that the UN report is preliminary and was based only on what plans and maps (note: PDF file) the Israeli government has felt fit to release. On the map, we can see that the Apartheid Wall's projected route ends mysteriously in both the north and the south of the West Bank. Other reports have indicated that Israel plans to extend the this route to completely encircle the West Bank and cut off the Jordan Valley. If these plans are carried out, then more than 15% of the land of the West Bank will be stolen and a lot less than 11% will have been built along the Green Line.

Two concepts to keep in mind when discussing this Wall: massive land grab and the world's largest prison.

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