Twin car bombings in Istanbul kill 27, wound 450

Car bombings targetting the British consulate and a British bank in Istanbul killed 27 and wounded over 450 people.

The British consul general was killed in the attack. The Turkish news agency Anatolia "quoted an anonymous telephone caller saying the attacks were a joint action by the al-Qaeda terror group and the Islamic Front of Raiders of the Great Orient (IBDA-C)" (also translated as Islamic Great Eastern Raiders Front). The same group claimed responsibility for Saturday's attacks against two synagogues in Istanbul that left 25 dead and over 300 wounded.

The attacks were almost certainly planned to coincide with Bush's state visit to Britain.

Some Bush and Blair reactions to this newest tragedy:

Bush: "They hate freedom. They hate free nations... we're making good progress with al Qaeda. "
Blair: "...what this latest terrorist outrage shows us is that this is a war, its main battleground is Iraq... What has caused the terrorist attack today in Turkey is not the President of the United States, is not the alliance between America and Britain. What is responsible for that terrorist attack is terrorism, are the terrorists."

Another terrible attack which has killed scores of innocent civilians, and this is the explanation we get from the two most powerful people in the world:

- they hate freedom - it's their only motivation;
- we're making good progress - even though a self-described "Al Qaeda"-affiliated group has now killed over 50 people and wounded over 700 in less than a week in the same city;
- the attack demonstrates that Iraq is the "main battleground" on the "war on terror", even though it took place in Istanbul, which is not located in Iraq, and was carried out by a Turkish group, and not Iraqi guerillas;
- no matter what the US and its lackeys do in the world, they will never, ever bear any responsibility when things go bad - only terrorism, arising from absolutely nothing at all and unconnected with anything else in the world, is to blame.

This does not inspire confidence in the future.

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