RNC wants censorship powers over Reagan miniseries

Hahaha... the Republican National Committee wants to have censorship powers over the upcoming miniseries about the Reagans.
The Republican National Committee Friday asked CBS to allow a team of historians and friends of former President Ronald Reagan and his wife to review a miniseries about the couple before it airs.

Gillespie said that if CBS denies the request, he will ask the network to run a note across the bottom of the screen every 10 minutes during the program's presentation informing viewers that the miniseries is not accurate.
Personally, I don't see why the RNC didn't also demand that CBS ask viewers to stand next to their TVs, saluting the flag and humming the "Star-Spangled Banner" while the show is on.

Let's see: demands for censorship over private broadcasting...check; gulag...check; repeated lies and distortions of reality from government officials...check; secretive and authoritarian rulers...check; incipient "Dear Leader" cult...check.

But let's not talk about "public health care"... because that would be getting too close to communist Russia.

(Link via the "outraged" Agonist.)

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