Israel destroys Gaza wells

More deliberate destruction by Israel of civilian infrastructure in Gaza, one of the most densely populated places on earth - this time aimed at something even more basic than housing, the water supply:
The US has reportedly complained after the Israeli army destroyed wells built for civilians in Gaza by an American government aid agency.

The wells had just been dug by the United States Agency for International Development (USAid). A few months ago the agency announced a $20m (£12m) project to rebuild infrastructure including roads, electricity supply lines and sewers in the occupied territories.

The agency was reporting good progress. But its workers were dismayed when they turned up to finish the wells and found that their work had been destroyed. A source at the American embassy said that when USAid complained, the Israelis told them that they demolished the wells because Palestinian militants had been hiding in them.
Is there anywhere that "militants" won't hide? I can imagine that militants hiding in Gaza wells pose a grave danger to Israeli citizens in Tel Aviv or Herzliya.

American taxpayer money at work - but, then again, such "morality" is not something to which you can really fix a price tag.

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