Bush demands central London as his personal "vibe zone"

Well, well... we see that the Boy Blunder is demanding that central London be virtually shut down for 3 days so that the sight of protestors doesn't ruin his visit with the Queen.
American officials want a virtual three-day shutdown of central London in a bid to foil disruption of the visit by anti-war protestors. They are demanding that police ban all marches and seal off the city centre.

...with tens of thousands of protestors from around the UK set to join blockades and marches during the Bush trip, US officials are reportedly insisting on an "exclusion zone".

He will stay at Buckingham Palace and his staff want The Mall, Whitehall and part of the City closed. Besides provoking a civil liberties backlash, the Met fears such a move would cause traffic chaos and incur huge loss of business across the capital.
The inability of a grown man to take criticism is pathetic, even if this criticism is in the form of 100,000 dragging his effigy through the street and giving him the one-finger salute.

A genuine lover of free speech, that Bush. As long as he doesn't have to be aware of its existence.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair has appeared to tearfully beg potential protestors not to spoil this important state visit:
Mr Blair devoted the bulk of his annual foreign policy speech at the Guildhall in London to Mr Bush's state visit. Confronting critics who say political embarrassment lies ahead and that he must regret having issued the invitation, Mr Blair insisted he was not nervous: "I believe this is exactly the right time for him to come."

Mr Blair, in his speech at the lord mayor's banquet, said: "For many, the script of the visit has already been written. There will be demonstrations. His friends wonder at the timing. His enemies rub their hands at the potential embar rassment." Mr Blair said they were all wrong.
We'll see about that, Tony.

Blair also repeated the standard "forget-all-the-lies-we-told-before-the-war" line in his appeal:
"...accept that the task now is not to argue about what has been, but to make what is happening now work, and work for the very Iraqis we all say we want to help."
Never mind the bollocks, here's the W.

Final word to all of you potential protestors out there: England expects every man (and woman) to do his (and her) duty. Make W.'s visit one to remember.

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