Anti-war veterans expelled from parade

A group of 30 anti-war veterans were expelled from a parade in which they had legally registered to march in the Florida capital.
As organizers allowed the parade to roll on - including veterans from various wars, several high school marching bands and even a group of young women from the local Hooters restaurant - the anti-war veterans were ordered onto sidewalks where they passed out leaflets and displayed a banner reading, "Honor the Warrior, Not the War."
The organizer explained his decision to bar veterans from marching in a parade to honor veterans:
Parade chairman Ken Conroy, a Korean War veteran, said he ejected the anti-war veterans because they were offensive and because Tallahassee police also wanted them removed.
The police think Conroy is a liar:
Tallahassee police Sgt. David Folsom denied police played any role in the situation and said Tuesday was the first time he could recall anyone being excluded from the parade.

"We don't police the participants," Folsom said. "We don't have an opinion on who's in it, as long as they're not walking around naked or drinking in public. It's just not a police decision."
Nice to see veterans getting to enjoy all of these freedoms for which their lives were put at risk.

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