Another US helicopter crashes; 4 dead

A Blackhawk helicopter crashed in Iraq near Tikrit, killing at least 4 and wounding 2. It was not clear whether guerillas shot the helicopter down or not.

This is the second deadly helicopter crash in one week.

PROGRESS UPDATE: All 6 Blackhawk crew dead. 2 killed in Mosul, 8 wounded. Who's afraid of progress? Not George W. Bush, that's who not.

Two attacks in Mosul (yes, not in the "Sunni Triangle") left 1 US soldier dead and 9 wounded. A Polish major was also killed recently, the first member of the "coalition of the willing" armies to die.

We get a fine epitaph for the victims of the earlier shoot-down, which killed 16, from our good friend, Col. Teeples:
"Death was in the cause of freedom. They were serving our country and answering our nation's call to fight terrorists," Colonel David Teeples, commanding officer of the men's unit, said.
You see? All that pre-war talk about WMD and disarmament and enforcing the will of the international community was just a code for "fighting terrorists". That's what it's about - that's what it's always been about. And anyone who says that Iraq wasn't the "frontline" on the "war against terror" well before no WMDs were never found clearly hates America.

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