AEI "scholar" ridicules weakling members of Congress

You know that things are bad when the AEI starts ridiculing Congress for being servile weaklings to Dear Leader:
"You get, in effect, the equivalent of a French poodle that occasionally yaps at its master and bares its teeth, but if there's something of consequence to the administration, particularly when it comes to international affairs, it's going to back down," said Norman Ornstein, a congressional scholar [sic] at the American Enterprise Institute.
French poodle? Personally, I would have gone with a comparison with a toy terrier.

But let us not quibble over individual dog breed preferences. We have gotten to the point where groups like the AEI no longer need pretend that the utter subservience of Congress to our increasingly authoritarian president is anything other than it is. They can come out and laugh right in the faces of senators and representatives, secure in the knowledge that they lack both the courage and the will to stand up to the Boy Blunder and act independently.

No need for bones here - our dogs will roll right over on command. That's government you can truly be proud of.

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