3 US soldiers killed in Iraq

Two soldiers were killed in Mosul on Sunday. There were conflicting reports on the killings: the US army said that they were shot dead, while several witnesses reported that they were stabbed and had their throats cut.

A bystander had this to say:
"They hate the Americans in this area," said a man waiting for petrol near the scene. "They've been doing many raids around here and so it's not surprising they've been attacked."
The Toronto Star adds that "Iraqi teenagers dragged two bloodied American soldiers from a wrecked vehicle, pummelled them with concrete blocks and slit their throats". The article points out that the attack was "unusual for Mosul, once touted as a success story in sharp contrast to the anti-American violence seen in Sunni Muslim areas north and west of Baghdad".

Another soldier was killed in a roadside bombing in Baquba, north of Baghdad. In addition, a police chief was assassinated in a town south of Baghdad.

The two attacks come one day after 17 Iraqis were killed in two car bombings of police stations in and around Baquba. Guerillas on Saturday also killed a police colonel guarding oil installations in Mosul.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, 5 US soldiers died and 7 were wounded in a helicopter crash. The cause of the crash was unknown.

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