2 US soldiers, 3 Iraqi civilians killed

Two US soldiers were killed and at least 2 were wounded in two separate attacks in a town north of Baghdad. In Baghdad, US soldiers killed 3 Iraqi civilians after mistaking the sound of customers test-firing weapons for a guerilla attack.

Meanwhile, we see that the Boy Blunder just... doesn't...get...it:
The United States would wage war again, and alone if necessary, to ensure the long-term safety of the world, President Bush said in an interview published Monday.
Because, you know, the US war in Iraq has been such a smashing success. So smashing that we are now hearing some reports that the US approaching the formerly hated Europeans for help in Iraq.

Well, if the Europeans are willing to play the role that daddy used to and bail out the ne'er-do-well failure, what's to stop Bush from playing his games somewhere else?

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