2 More Helicopters

Two helicopters down in Mosul. Its beginning to look a lot more like combat, at least from the Iraqi perspective. The helicopters in question were called in as air support after a foot patrol was ambushed. One was hit with a missle of some sort and crashed into the other. An impressive display of tactical capacity. Will make it harder for the Americans to send in air support, which will increase response times and further isolate foot or small vehicle patrols, and give the resistance more operational breathing room.

From the American side, things are looking even less like combat, even as, or especially as, the Military tries to look tough for the American media. The military is still relying heavily on the Jessica Lynch playbook. Embedding reporters, shooting blanks and faking rescues has given way to banning unfavorable media coverage and dropping sattelite bombs on empty (evacuated) buildings to fake "strikes" on insurgents.

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