You say "to-may-to" and I say "tah-mah-to"

It's not a quagmire in Iraq... it's a "long, hard slog". And that makes all the difference.

In other news, that pile of shit isn't actually a pile of shit... it's a tasty sandwich. Go ahead, take a big bite.

Rummy also speaks of a "new institution" to carry out the "war on terror":
"It is not possible to change DOD [Department of Defense] fast enough to successfully fight the global war on terror," he said. "An alternative might be to try to fashion a new institution, either within DOD or elsewhere -- one that seamlessly focuses the capabilities of several departments and agencies on this key problem." He did not elaborate.
Sounds like someone wants a private army that is even less accountable to "the people" and their "elected" representatives. Support for this reading comes at the end of the article:
In one particularly cryptic line near the end of the memo, Rumsfeld asked: "Does the CIA need a new finding?" A finding, signed by the president, provides authority to conduct whatever covert activity is stipulated. Rumsfeld did not indicate the covert activity he had in mind.
In other words, expect a "dirty war" like you've never seen.

This new memo is almost certainly a little Rumsfeld payback for the recent establishment of the Rice commissariat on Iraq's "reconstruction". As such, it is another sign of a real division in the Bush administration on the direction to go in this amorphous, constantly changing crusade against "evil" and Satan and everyone who would prevent small children from playing football and going to school in places like Iraq. Radical expansion or tactical retreat and consolidation?

In no small part it is also a bit of an admission that things aren't going as well as were hoped. But such an admission would be necessary to expand the crusade, which would make less sense if everything actually were going as well as promised. So this recent Rummygram should serve as a bit of an alarm-bell.

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