You can see why he's a member of the "Institute of Peace"
Daniel Pipes, recently appointed by U.S. President George W. Bush to the U.S. Institute of Peace, said the current generation of Palestinians was "lost" to Israel because of concessions made in past peace accords that made Palestinians lose respect for Israel. He said peace would have to wait for decades, until a new generation comes to power.
Well, if peace will have to "wait for decades", then I suppose there's no need for Pipes to waste his time at the "Institute of Peace".

More from the ongoing anti-peace conference in Jerusalem: We find out that the conference - attended by 200 people, including Richard Perle and Netanyahu - was a "world forum for all the sane people," according to one of the organizers. After calling for "moral clarity" in the fight against "terrorism", the same guy had this to say: "If a PLO terrorist state were created now, it would be like Hitler winning Stalingrad." Moral clarity to spare.

Look for the conference's final recommendations. They're sure to be official US policy sooner or later.

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