The weasel hedges its bet

Ok, so France, Germany, and Russia (axis of weasel) look like they will back down. They will not demand a UN role and they will drop the demand that the Us relinquish power to the governing council.

What is likely is not that the UN sees it the American way, but that the UN (or rather, the important members who form the axis of weasel) dont want to go into the Iraqi hell. Look for France, Germany, and Russia to avoid committing troops (ie. no UN role), and give the Americans a chance to try to get a lid on things. In return, their corporate sectors will bid on the lucrative Iraqi contracts and likely buy up some control over the newly auctioned off sectors of the Iraqi economy.

So if things dont work out, the weasel's political and military ass is not on the line, and a key foe takes a beating, american imperialism bows its head and exits stage left (this is the most likely outcome). If things work out, then they get a cut of the action without having to have done any of the work.

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