US to take no action on Apartheid Wall, settlements

The Department of State has informed Congress that the US government will not cut any loan guarantees to Israel over either its settlements or the Apartheid Wall inside the West Bank. The US government had earlier said it would reduce the amount of the guarantees by the same amount Israel spends on its illegal colonies in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Wall.

In fact, the US doesn't even plan to criticize the Israeli government for moving ahead with it decision to put the Apartheid Wall around the settlement of Ariel - a decision that the administration supposedly opposed. Not even the tiniest bit of dissent from Israel's colonization project.

Incidentally, in the second article, we see that Natan Sharansky - who as a Soviet citizen had his freedom of movement and freedom in general severely restricted - is one of the most hardline advocates of the Wall (along with Avigdor Lieberman and Benny Elon, two of Israel's biggest supporters of ethnic cleansing), which will cage up millions of Palestinians like animals. The hypocrisy is nauseating.

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