Turkish FM: US "inept" with troop request

Hahaha... now Turkey is saying that the US was "inept" in its request for Turkish troops to go to Iraq:
"Of course, there is ineptitude here. First they came, very enthusiastic, and said 'please do not be late' and then they saw that there are many different issues. They have many hesitations themselves," Gul was quoted by Anatolia news agency as saying.
I don't know, Mr. Gul. Can you be more specific - would you say that there was a great big dose of ignorance about what the Middle East is like on the part of the American administration?
"The Americans do not know the region very well. They did not pay much attention to the advice given to them. If the officials who are currently administering Iraq had known the region better, things would have been better today," Gul said.
And what is your opinion on how the US occupation authority dealt with the Iraqi interim authority on the matter of Turkish soldiers in Iraq?
"They are supposed to convince those who they themselves have appointed... The United States is the authority in Iraq...".
Thank you, Mr. Gul.

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