Palestine roundup

Hamas, Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees deny role in US convoy bombing. The bombing killed three American security officials. The FBI is going to investigate.

Gaza as the world's biggest jail: Israel to deport 15 West Bank Palestinians to Gaza (see also Ha'aretz article). The people facing expulsion have never been tried for any crimes.

Israeli bulldozers, tanks return to Rafah refugee camp. This follows the recent rampage which left 100 homes demolished and about 2,000 homeless. But, as it turns out, people who focus on the "bad things" miss the point:
The Israeli army at first disputed the number of houses destroyed. But after the figures were confirmed by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, and by independent news reports, the Israeli commander in the region, Colonel Eyal Eisenberg, said: "I want people to ask how many houses we have not demolished, not how many we have."
Maybe this guy has a future in the Bush administration.

An excellent Amira Hass article on the "redefined status" and legal nightmare Palestinians trapped between the State of Israel and the Apartheid Wall will have to face.

ADDENDUM: I'm sure that the deaths of these three US security personnel will draw much criticism, blame, and demands for action - as it already has from America's most useless person. But as I recall, it was only a few months ago that another American was deliberately run over by a bulldozer and crushed to death in Gaza. Her death did not draw nearly as much official US attention and criticism. But, then again, she was murdered by the "good guys". Funny, that.

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