More on the Baghdad bombings

Just a follow-up to the fine earlier post by Mano Negra on the subject of the car-bomb attacks in Baghdad.

Dead-enders... that was the cute condescending little "Texan" catch-phrase that the Bush administration was using to describe the guerillas operating in Iraq. But the only "dead-enders" we're seeing these days are people like the unfortunate victims of the terrible car-bombing of the ICRC building. But they're more dead than dead-ender. And still, as Mano Negra pointed out, the only epitaph they get from Bush himself is absurd drivel designed for the less mentally active segment of the domestic audience.

Speaking of which: the US army has trotted out some new spokespeople to replace our good buddy laughingstocks Sanchez, Teeples and Petraeus (or perhaps General Petraeus was too busy other important projects, like organizing toy distribution, to make preposterous statements today).

One of these new spokespersons is a guy going by the name of "Hertling". Speaking after 6 car bombs attacks carried out within 45 minutes of each other killed up to 40 people, Hertling had this to say:
"That's not professional, it's actually somewhat amateurish."
We also get this fanciful detail of the attacks:
...Hertling of the U.S. Army's 1st Armoured Division said on Monday police shot and wounded the man when he got out of a car and tried to hurl a grenade at a Baghdad police station. The car carried three mortar rounds and was packed with TNT, he said.

"He's a foreign fighter. He had a Syrian passport and the policemen claim that as he was shot and fell that he said he was Syrian," Hertling told a news conference.
Right... so, according to Hertling's reconstruction of reality, the attacker was on his way to carry out a suicide car bombing... but then stopped, got out of the car, tried to throw a grenade, and fell to the ground screaming out his nationality after police shot at him, all the while carrying proper identification.

You show me someone who believes that, I'll show you someone who has either had a lobotomy or wouldn't be too damaged by one.

Another of these wieners is named Odierno. Odierno seems not to have spoken with Hertling recently, because he thinks that foreign nationals are not involved in the attacks (link in Mano Negra post):
"In fact, we do believe that, because of some of the money that we have captured, that there are some problems with paying potential foreign fighters, and that's why maybe we have not seen them yet, because they cannot pay them the money they need in order to conduct their operations," he said.(emphasis added)
What's going on here is that the Bush administration wants to have it both ways: disruption of "terrorist" financing prevents guerillas from hiring foreign nationals, and so the only people carrying out attacks are the "dead-ender" Saddam loyalists - but, since we've already heard how much Iraqis love what the US is doing in the country, no real Iraqi can be involved in the attacks, and therefore they must be the work of "foreigners".

Too bad the crazed Islamist/foreign fighter/Saddam loyalist guerillas don't share in the Bush administration's version of reality.

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