At this point, everything I say is going to be a big fat I told you so, so Im going to be posting with less frequency. Sorry, just as things are getting interesting, but really, they aren't. The ball is now rolling, and it was interesting to observe the initial inertia in this direction, but now its going to be "bad" for the US for a while, with a fairly regular consistency. Its all happening with remarkable consistency.

The Iraqis have begun to find success with mortar attacks and in combining tactics such as mortar, IED, and RPG attacks.

The HMMWV or Hummer is a disaster (DUH! Its made of fiberglass and aluminum) but that isnt stopping the Military from moving all their eggs into the "wheeled vehicle" basket. A tactical moron vehicle, thats what this idea is, but I suppose empire (in its late stages) has to be stupid. Oh, and read the presentations at the various military conferences... Can anyone say wartime profiteering?

The soldiers know they are being fucked and they have begun killing themselves and going AWOL. Fragging has yet to occur, as far as we know.

Conclusion: Bush will never be re-elected.

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