Lets go die

As the attacks escalate, we note an interesting trend. American armored vehicles are not quite up to the task. The supposedly impervious Bradley Fighting Vehicles are not faring so well against landmines or even against man portable RPG's.

What to do? I know!! First, lets make sure to invoke Saddam. Hey, look over there, american public, Saddam is in town! "Credible" sightings reported. Booooo. Booooo. He must be laying those mines and shooting those RPGs himself.

Now, while the American public is distracted, the Army can really sock it to the resistance. How? By swapping steel treaded vehicles for the aluminum equivalent of a school bus, hiring some moronic German firm to build us ceramic plates that are not really bulletproof, slapping the tiles on the thing and shipping it to Iraq to fight the resistance. These things are the project of some senile army general and they are a gift to the resistance, even as that resistance demonstrates that they can adroitly handle Bradleys with their rag tag and improvised arsenals. The tires are a mistake, the armor is a joke, the additional steel armor (to fix the crappy ceramic armor) will add weight which the vehicle isnt designed to bear, and rebels will double tap these things with successive RPG shots around the wheels, or hit it with an IED and up to 14 americans get incinerated. These stryker things cant take the first hit, much less the second. They are going to use these for troop transport and rapid response (which is pointless... by the time they get there the ambush will be over). The people that foist this thing on Iraq are going to eat humble pie, and the GI's that ride in them are going to eat death.

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