It *would* happen in Texas

There are apparently some odd ideas of "factual" portrayals of history floating around in Paris, Texas:

The Paris, Texas, school district has apologized for a performance by one of its marching bands, which on the eve of Rosh Hashana played an Adolf Hitler anthem and waved a Nazi flag during a football halftime show.

Band director Charles Grissom said Tuesday the song and flag were part of a musical performance called "Visions of World War Two". It was performed at a Dallas high school on Friday, the start of the Jewish new year.

"The performance is an attempt to factually portray the history of World War Two, triumph of good over evil, and to honor our veterans for their sacrifices in ensuring freedom throughout the world," Grissom said in a statement. He added later that he made a major mistake in judgment.

The performance was greeted by heavy boos at the Hillcrest High School in Dallas, and several objects were hurled at the band.
What an idiot.

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