Israeli minister advocates unilateral acts

Ehud Olmert has advocated that Israel continue taking unilateral steps to create "irreversible facts on the ground" vis-a-vis the Palestinians. Olmert was speaking at a conference in Jerusalem. Of course, "unilateral acts" that would prejudice a final-status agreement are supposedly frowned upon by the US - at least when Palestinians are accused of doing them.

Olmert thinks Israel should do this "based on a definition of its own interests - not because the Palestinians have 'a right to parts of our land'." So... the Palestinians have no "right" to the land of Palestine. Perhaps all of Israel's supporters who continually moan about how "The Arabs" have not accepted Israel's presence should take a look into the mirror and ask why Israel's leading politicians have still not accepted the fact that there were people living there a long time before there were Israelis.

We also find out that conference "participants criticized the United Nations, the international community and the Oslo Accords". The UN, the Oslo Accords, and the international community. Gosh... that's pretty much everyone. I guess there was just no room for any self-criticism in this round of denunciations.

Meanwhile, some figures on the Israeli left and Palestinian politicians have signed a draft memorandum on a final agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The agreement includes provisions dividing Jerusalem and requiring the Palestinians to give up the right of return.

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