GIs give up on detecting Iraqi IEDs, resign themselves to being blown up

Remember what we were talking about earlier? With regard to how ridiculous it is for soldiers to try to detect these things? Well, the soldiers finally figured it out too:
Scanning the dusty horizon through night-vision goggles for rebels planting explosives by the road, the men occasionally brought the scopes of their M249 machine guns to their eyes, then put them down again. They didn't bother trying to spot bombs already in place, which are nearly impossible to distinguish.

"It's so easy to say: 'You oughta be able to see them,' " Zimmerman said. "But in a country covered with litter, this concrete block could be wired; that plastic bag could have an IED inside of it."
And after a short lull in the killings of US soldiers, the death rate appears to be back on the rise, with a vengeance. And I wonder what Turkey has in store for it, and whether the Kurds will turn on the Americans!

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