Galloway declares war on "New Labour"

Anti-war MP George Galloway, recently expelled from the Labour Party on various charges related to his criticism of the Iraq invasion, has announced plans for a coalition to challenge Blair's "New Labour" in upcoming European parliament and Greater London Authority elections. His proposed coalition will support London Mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone.

From the Guardian column:
I said before he set out on the calamitous invasion of Iraq that it would be the political death of Tony Blair. His attack on the rights of MPs to speak freely and honestly is likely to be another nail in his prime ministerial coffin. "Blair out, Bush out": these will not only be the slogans around the country during a November to remember, the bonfire of their vanities. They may just be the political reality by the end of next year.
From his speech in London annoucning these plans:
The public is unaware, because it is convenient to some that they should not be aware, that I was condemning Saddam Hussein when he was backed by the anti-communist West in his homicidal war against Iran and using chemical weapons supplied by our Allies.

I met Saddam Hussein twice, the same number of times that Donald Rumsfeld met him.

The difference is that Rumsfeld met him to sell his regime guns and gas and to give them the maps necessary to target them while I met him to try and avert suffering sanctions and war.
All we can say is, good luck, George, on getting rid of that wanker Tony Blair.

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