Field commanders say mass "Syrian foreign fighter" infiltration not happening

What a surprise: US field commanders responsible for watching Iraq's border with Syria say that there is no evidence that significant numbers of guerillas are entering the country in that area.

Yet, the only "foreign fighters" we keep hearing about are "Syrians"... who, according to the US military spokespeople, seem to be the only guerillas in the history of the world who think it is a good idea to carry proper identification at all times and scream out their nationality to police shooting at them.

We also get this detail from the WaPo account:
In a deal brokered by Petraeus, Iraq now trades Syria 4,500 barrels of oil per day for 50 to 70 megawatts of electric generating capacity needed to provide power for Mosul, the largest city in northern Iraq, and the surrounding area.
Well, that's a good little story. A mutually beneficial trade agreement between Syria and Iraq, brokered by an American general - everyone benefits, and the US looks good by helping Mosul get back on its feet. A true tale of this progress that Bush likes talking about so much.

But, a little further, we see that someone is working to sabotage this progress in Iraq. Who could this anti-American traitor be?
Two weeks ago, Petraeus's decision to open the border and his support for the energy swap were criticized by Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), who said in a letter to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell that free trade with Syria violated the spirit of legislation, recently passed by the House, that would place sanctions on Syria for supporting Islamic militant groups.
Such legislation was designed solely to benefit Israel and may harm the US's "war on terror", as I pointed out in an earlier post.

Why is Rep. Emanuel putting foreign interests above American interests? Why does he hate American progress in Iraq so much? Let's hope that the voters of Illinois will remember how Rep. Emanuel "supported the troops" at the next election.

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