Don't let the absence of evidence stop you, Condi

The White House has moved beyond the "out of touch with reality" mode concerning Iraq and into a "complete denial of reality" phase:
... Rice told a foreign policy forum in Chicago that the team led by chief U.S. weapons hunter David Kay "is finding proof that Iraq never disarmed and never complied with U.N. inspectors."

In fact, she suggested, if the U.N. Security Council knew last winter what Kay's group has uncovered now, it never would have rejected the U.S. call for war.
Right... let us recall that Kay has found one vial of botulin that had been sitting in a refrigerator in Iraq - where the power supply has never been 100% - since 1993.

Well, if you're a Bushy, why not? As long as you make the lie big enough, and keep repeating it often enough - and especially as long as no one calls bullshit on it - people will believe it.

Meanwhile, President Bush - a man who controls the world's strongest army, a man so powerful that he could read Saddam's mind about WMD and god knows what else - doesn't have a clue which of his close underlings betrayed a CIA operative:
Now, this is a large administration, and there's a lot of senior officials. I don't have any idea. I'd like to. I want to know the truth.
I'm sure you would, Georgie.

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