Danger, danger, Bashar Assad!

Here's the what if scenario.

What if Jordan is currently friendly but weak, Egypt isn't an easy target, Lebanon is, well, Lebanon, and Syria is a pushover and they are currently on deck for an American invasion?

What if Bush needs a conflict last minute, to divert attention from Iraq and the economy and get him reelected?

What if the international community is so in support of Arafat and against bombing the territories that they neglect to stand up in this instance of violations of territorial sovereignty (a pre-emptive attack that doesnt kill anyone -- basically a testing of the waters)?

What if Israel gets the message and decides a regional war, which it knows how to prosecute, can give it the window it needs to transfer folks out of certain key areas?

Here is some absolutely VITAL reading on the concept of transfer. Pay particular attention to the closing paragraphs and keep in mind that Shahak wrote this in 1989:
A History of the Concept of "Transfer" in Zionism.

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