Bush ridicules investigation, jokes at jailed reporters

The president apparently think that both the Plame leak investigation and reporters being jailed are funny things:
As pressure built on his aides, Bush joked about the matter. During a roundtable discussion with reporters for African news organizations, he was asked about three reporters in Kenya who were detained this week in what some journalists saw as an effort to intimidate them into revealing sources. The detention drew a condemnation from the International Federation of Journalists, which complained that the government has been harassing and brutalizing journalists.

"I'm against leaks," Bush said, to laughter. "I would suggest all governments get to the bottom of every leak of classified information." Turning to the reporter who asked the question, Martin Mbugua of the Daily Nation, Kenya's largest daily newspaper, Bush said, "By the way, if you know anything, Martin, would you please bring it forward and help solve the problem?"
Remember, White House message boy Scott McClellan's mantra has been that any reporters with information on the Plame leak should step forward.

More of that famous Bush humor at work.

At this point, it should be clear that Bush either a) does not grasp what is going on, or b) is completely unrepetant about the whole leak and thinks he and his administration will beat it. If it is the latter, it says a lot about how he fits into everything that is going on.

(Link via Atrios, who goes ballistic on the "pathetic piece of shit" in question.)

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