You're out of your element, Donny!

Do you see what happens? Do you see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass? (*see the Big Lebowski if you dont get the wording)

There is great tactical relevance here to the success of the Iraqi mortar attack. We've been talking about mortars on this blog because they are a huge step up, and if made successfully will really hurt the US, which is operating out of fixed installations inside of Iraq that are vulnerable to such atacks. And these are an extremely safe tactic if the mortar team can shoot these mortars in a high arc -- it makes it hard to figure out where the fire is coming from... This particular prison (Iraqs biggest) has come under fire, according to the Americans running it, 4 days out of 7. Thats a lot of practice runs for an Iraqi mortar team, and it means they feel pretty safe doing their work. And practice makes perfect, apparently, as 13 wounded and 2 dead is a HUGE toll, given that this is just one attack.

Previously, attacks have hit Iraqis imprisoned at Abu Ghraib, one of which got a lot of attentionkilling 6 and wounding scores. Especially given that the Americans responded to the attack by killing an AP photographer (Dana Mazen). Some Iraqis have charged that the Americans are using them as a human shield against these mortar attacks, forcing them to sleep outside the prison in tents. This degree of shady behavior on the part of the US might strike you as unlikely, until you read about how Israeli-like the American tactics are becoming. If you follow the situation closely you hear stories about US threats of collective punishment("inform on other Iraqis or you will suffer"), you get to wondering if its so unlikely the US is going to use Iraqis as human shields, especially when they get attacked 4 out 7 days. One Colonel even resorted to hostage-taking to get the info he wanted.

The thing to watch for next is a successful REPEAT attack on Abu Ghreib prison. Its a stationary target. This puts the Americans in "under siege" mode, and reverses the roles (previously, Baghdad was under siege and the Americans were the ones lobbing in high explosives). This is a marked escalation and if this continues it places the occupation on even weaker footing. The resistance is thinking very logically in undermining efforts by the US to set up a prison system where "suspected" resisters will be processed. This was the only setting under Saddam where resistance was overcome. Likewise, such camps/prisons are be the primary setting under which the resistance is supposed to be overcome by the Americans (given the cycle of raid-arrest-process the US follows).

Anyway, its time to reprise the title of this post... "Shut the fuck up, Donny!"

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