Was Alstair Campbell on loan to the Yanks?

His recent resignation coincides with some remarkably poorly worded comments coming out of the Bush Administration. Of course, they are under a lot of stress. Here are some of the recent goodies.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul W. Wolfowitz told the Senate Armed Services Committee that "a powerful signal will go out to the terrorists and their allies that defeat in Iraq will be theirs when Congress acts quickly on the president's request."

"This is a continuation of what we have been doing," Bush press secretary Scott McClellan said from the podium.

"This isn't anything new; there's no big news story here," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld repeated.

Bush, who was discussing Iraq and the terrorism fight in a nationally televised address from the White House yesterday night, believes the "cost of freedom and the cost of peace cannot be measured and that it is important that we put adequate resources to this task," National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said.

"There's a reason that foreign fighters are coming into Iraq. There is a reason that we're seeing evidence - not really yet completely clear evidence - of terrorists trying to operate in Iraq," Rice said. "They know that this is the central battle in the war on terrorism."

"The stability of Iraq, the stability of a different kind of Middle East, will serve well the interests of the entire international community," national security advisor Condoleezza Rice said on CBS' "Early Show." "Therefore it is important that the entire international community be involved in this heroic effort."

I cant get it straight. On the one hand, there's nothing to see here, nothing new. On the other hand, this is the central battle in the war on terrorism, a situation which only recently became clear to the terrorists, who may or may not be trying to operate in Iraq. On the third hand, this is a heroic effort at reshaping the Middle East. On the fourth hand.... Notably absent here is a) a clear message and b) a clearly worded message that delivers a sophisticated spin.

In other news, apparently the terrorists biggest concerns are the signals the American people send by questioning the president, and by Congress making decisions on allocating the money for this war.

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