US occupation center attacked in Baghdad; US soldiers kill 4 Iraqis

Guerillas attacked the Al Rashid hotel in Baghdad with RPGs or mortar fire; no casualties were reported. The hotel houses US occupation officials.

In Fallujah, US soldiers killed 4 civilians at a checkpoint.

Look! General Petraeus is building football pitches! No mention of cute little puppy dogs, though! It just shows there's always room for improvement!

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has mobilized two more National Guard brigades and put another on notice for service in Iraq. I guess this means that Bushy-boy wasn't very successful in getting other countries to send soldiers to make Iraq safe for crony-capitalism.

Finally, it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the news above, but it has to come somewhere: Bush is now begging Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members not to hurt the US economy by cutting oil production.
"My reaction is that I would hope our friends in OPEC don't do things that would hurt our economy," Bush told reporters at the White House when asked about OPEC's decision, which could raise fuel costs this winter.
Such lack of dignity and Republican manliness calls for a Bush impression: [Say in a whimpering voice, with your lips pursed in mock desperation; delivering on knees optional] "Please, don't hurt our economy".

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